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August 30, 2023

The deepest, darkest, saddest song on the album, this one follows up on the narrative of “Can’t Stay”- wanting to leave, or be left alone, and then having gotten that, now being left lonely & broken up about it. A “be careful what you wish for” type thing; a song about messing up an already messy situation.
We drive each other crazy. Keep making the same mistakes. Trying to change, but not knowing how & now it’s too late. Realizing I was an idiot. Anger. Regret. Grief. Acceptance. There’s no one here. There’s no one here.

I got this one in the cold & dark of winter.
Writing songs like this can serve as a cautionary tale, like: this is what could happen if you don’t check yourself before you wreck yourself; what NOT to do in a tumultuous relationship. Or like when you have a nightmare and then wake up & feel relieved that it was not real. So it’s ok now, but ya gotta go through some bad shit to know that.

Musically, it’s got that drop D tuning, with minor chords to fit the corresponding mood. 2nd part maybe has some early 90’s grunge influence, and the 3rd part or chorus is all suspense chords, with the open E string ringing out against the D note under each change, creating tension. & then it’s back to the top. Used the green Epiphone with the p90’s, plus added 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars again.

I keep saying it, but it remains true- these guys I’m lucky to be in this band with, are so dope and so good at working with these ideas & rough drafts & making them better than I ever thought they’d be. Just listen to how Cor Win moves the chords along with his leading tones on bass, how Vashon Lee Page is like a captain, staying the course, keeping the thing moving steady. Tudore sprinkling shiny notes all around. Danny’s percussion just right where it needs to be.
OK! Well, just one more song to go on this album breakdown-essay project. Thanks to y’all who tune in with me on this. Tomorrow we’ll wrap it up & then I’ll hafta find something else to do on here… probably pictures of my pets & children… 

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