August 30, 2023

Originally titled “Perdido en El Mundo” (“lost in this world”, in Spanish) This song was born right there in Cor Win’s music room that we’re very lucky to be able to work & play in. Bands must have a headquarters to gather & do stuff. “Headquarters” is a funny word. HQ. That is what got us all comfortable with each other, as friends and band-mates. It is a joy to collaborate on composing & arranging, making these songs much more than just one guy writing songs, showing them to the band, and then playing them that way. This is truly a group effort. Everybody gets to express themselves, musically & otherwise. Power Forward wins!

Conceptually & lyrically this is kind of a sibling to track #5, “BlueTooth”. A angry punk rock confrontation of our modern society- the verses specifically targeting discrimination, mass-media, mass-consumerism, and yes-our schizophrenic relationship with technology. And the scary future. The choruses are about struggling with the status-quo & gov’t / corporate control & being fed up with it all, wanting to just leave & go be out in the woods- “with the trees y’all!”

Musically, does it have some early 90’s alt-rock happening in there? I realized at Brian Pickens wedding party that parts of this song are musically reminiscent of his awesome early-mid 2000’s party band Thred. Those who know…

The break is a hard rock riff that forced its way into the song. Now it’s there forever.
That’s OK- it’s fun- it leaves lotsa room for Vashon Lee Page’s constantly bad ass drums & Tudore’s fonky quonky clavinet tonality, & Danny’s congas & percussion stuff. Once again Corwin’s bass demands your attention, unstoppable propulsion throughout.

I used the “Jankmaster” guitar (see #4, “Constrictor”) also put 12-String AND 6-string acoustic guitars in there, just banging away. Why? Because acoustic guitars sound cool & add texture in the mix. Tommy Bailey knows how to make it so. He also put some kind of cool echo effect on the vocals in parts where I’m belting it out, barely holding it together in there, trying to get the demons out. I’d claim that even with all the other genres & styles & what-not going on, this is Soul Music. 

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