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August 30, 2023

As I keep doing these, I’m noticing that each song really does have its own unique story. Like people. Song people.

So here we have a guy- you know the type- who seems to materialize at random intervals & then de- materializes just as randomly & drifts in & out of the pictures that are the phases & stages of your life. Always welcome, because he’s fun & cool guy. And here he is now! Standing out in front of the Hotel Morgan.

Maybe it’s after a gig, where you played for like 5 people who care nothing about you or your music. They’re just there for the Thursday night meal deal, or to meet their aunt who’s in town for the evening, or for a business meeting- whatever. You wonder why the place even bothers to have live music. But hey! You did your thing & got paid.

Now you see this carefree character, who’s just back from some wild adventure & now he wants to party. Let’s go! You do some catching up, comparing notes. He’s been out there riding with the western winds. You’re still here, working, married, with children. Al Bundy & Jack Kerouac, at 123 Pleasant Street? Yep.

The next time you see him he’s moving into his new girlfriend’s house. Then the next time you see him he’s gotta get outta that woman’s house! Didn’t work out. He needs a place to crash, just for the night. He’s your friend. “OK Buddy, c’mon in!”
“Woke up in the morning but he (Buddy) was not there / must’ve gone & wondered off somewhere. / He’s been like that ever since I’ve known him / take good care, til I see you again, ol’ Buddy my friend…”

After all that you do some contemplation on the transitory nature of life, as you take a drive out Rte. 7 along Decker’s Creek. You stop & go chill out on a rock in the middle of the stream (this dream?).

You write about what you know. This is a Morgantown song. With Power Forward, it’s a country- soul number, If that’s a thing. The album cover itself is meant to represent this dichotomy; one side of the road is gritty urban, downtown (Pleasant Street), and the other side of the road is rural green rolling WV hills (Cooper’s Rock). Power Forward right on thru it all. 

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