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August 30, 2023

El ultimo! No mas despues esto (Spanish: last one, no more after this).

Not sure how we decided to end on this new & different note- a rockin’ caliente Latin flavored note?! Just want to finish with a party I suppose.

So, you may ask: what is “El Craviola”? It’s a guitar! It’s a weird cool old 12-string acoustic guitar made by Giannini, an Italian luthier from back in the day who fell in love with Brazilian rosewood, moved to Brazil and started making these weird cool guitars. They had one of these at Picker’s Paradise in Fairmont, it jumped out at me, picked it up for I think $350 cash. Yet another covid guitar purchase. I kind of went a little crazy with that during 2020-21. Or maybe that’s how I pretended that I prevented myself from going crazy then. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So anyway, having this weird cool old guitar & feeling the spirit of Brazilian music, but being an American Appalachian rock & roll man, this is what I came up with, a series or cycle of several Latin-type riffs, gyrating off of each other. “Appa-Latin” music?!

I’m sure if some expert on Latin music styles heard this they’d be like “que es eso musica loca?!” Cause it’s just a mish-mash of styles- things that my fingers did on the El Craviola. There’s just something really cool about drop D tuning on acoustic 12-string guitar. Put it all together in somewhat coherent form. Transferred this tangly jangly composition to electric guitar, busted it out to Power Forward, we all worked hard on it, y Aqui lo tenemos! (Here it is!)

Well, there it was- the Power Forward debut album breakdown. I’m certain I missed some fascinating details in there, and I could’ve gone on & on & on… but it has been fun work & maybe we got something out of it- some insight into the mysterious processes of creation & performance & production & everything that goes into this stuff.
Thanks to Vashon Lee Page, Cor Win, Danny D., Tudore C., & Tommy Bailey, at Riot City Studio, & to all y’all for being here. & we’re working on getting more gigs, & writing more songs- just about got another album’s worth of original material- so… stay tuned for more Power Forward! Peace & Love. 

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