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August 30, 2023

This one started out as a demo for “The Song Machine”, which is a songwriting workshop hosted by Matt Mullins, in which members of the group are given a prompt or theme and have 2 weeks to submit a new song having something to do with that prompt, whatever it may be. And you gotta deliver or you’re no longer in the group. I love being involved in this thing- it pushes you to try new things, and then fit them in a somewhat randomized context- with a hard deadline. 
The theme at that time was “Dance”. So after cutting the grass one hot summer day last year, I sat down & started on this mellow acoustic guitar groove in A-major that became “Dance Real Slow.”

With Power Forward, it was a natural & easy transition from little acoustic ditty to full band arrangement. Plus we didn’t have a good slow jam. Now we do!

Lyrics are self-explanatory. There’s a couple whose lives are too busy, so when the opportunity for some intimacy arises- it’s on! Vocally, I visualized myself in that situation & just sang how I do. I always love singing Soul Music the best.

Studio: as with all the others- drums, bass, guitar recorded all together live. Everyone locked in, Vashon Lee Page holding the tempo like the pro he is. Cor Win laying down the groove like the pro he is. We nailed it on first take.
I used the green Epiphone SG with the p90 pickups.*
* I cannot resist putting in some more guitar nerd stuff here. So you have electric guitars that have “humbucker” pickups, which generally give it a louder, thicker sound. You have single-coil pickups that give it a brighter, snappier tone. Then you have p90 pickups that really do sit right in the middle between those other 2 options. Thanks to Mark Poole for letting me use his p90 Les Paul in his studio, I realized the necessity of having a guitar with that versatility.
Anyway. That was the guitar for this song. I also used a tremolo pedal (Keeley) to give it some vintage throbbing wobble effect.

The break in this track is really sweet. Corwin does this neat intricate bass line, Tudore’s electric piano shines & sparkles with soul. And that’s what this one is- a simple slow soul song. Of love. 

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