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“BLUE TOOTH” track 5 power FORWARD

August 27, 2023

A modern day blues, this song is a little story of a guy trying to come to terms with society. He wakes up confused, hungry. So he goes to the diner downtown for breakfast, & sees a beautiful woman walking towards him. As they encounter each other, she is talking. He doesn’t see that she has a Blue Tooth thingy in her ear, so it appears as though she’s speaking to him. So as he responds in a friendly way to her, she scoffs & dismisses him as a crazy person! Miss Communication!

And after that awkward interaction, our guy then ruminates on the paradoxical disconnectedness between people & their “smart devices.” He realizes that he’s probably going to be spending more time talking to himself, as everyone except him is having interesting conversations with their Blue Teeth. This is some working man blues- “here it is on a Saturday, and I’m feeling like a Sunday night.” Existential. Yuck. Maybe some Jean Paul Sartre “Nausea”?!

We worked on this one for a good while. It’s a song that can be played in different tempos & styles & it’d still be identifiable as a straightforward blues-rock workout. As always, Vashon Lee Page & Cor Win cannot be stopped on drums & bass.

Studio notes: started off with live bass, drums & guitar. No funny stuff. Used the Stratocaster with its single coil pickups. Why? Because it is cool to have different sounding electric guitars on albums, and this song needed that snappy bite. Also put the Gibson J45 acoustic guitar underneath. Why? Because it needed that chunky funk.

Next was lyrics / vocals. Had to cram words into some unusual places. Verbal contortions? There’s no backup singing on this one. Just me & you.
Oh yeah, Tommy Bailey did a thing for the break in the song where it sounds all crackly & nasal, like an old switchboard operator who says “Please hold…”
Bad ass drum fill brings it back.

Harmonica! It’s a blues tune right? Gotta have it. I only have about 4-5 good licks on that little mouth harp, so I just use those repeatedly and that’s that.

This is probably the only track on here that has no specific details about the keyboards. Tudore just played the organ like it needed to be played.
And that’s “Blue Tooth.” 

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