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“Everybody” track 2 power forward

August 24, 2023

May be the tightest, most concise song in the repertoire so far, the major key soul-riff idea just emerged while plunking around one day. The chord progression & melody followed along like an obedient dog. Just a good ol’ solid song— some kind of hybrid of Motown & Memphis styles of soul. I love that stuff.
Lyrically, pretty basic- everybody got problems, everybody got pain… & then I’m out wandering around out of my mind. The next morning I wake up feeling OK, having gotten “it” (existential crisis?) outta my system, reflecting on universal themes of happiness & peace & how there’s never enough of those. 3rd verse speaks on folks trying to be too cool to really let other people into their hearts & lives, and it all ends with the command to go out & have some fun, dammit!
Recorded December 2022, with Tommy Bailey at the magical music recording devices, followed the same formula as “The Pilot”, drums, bass, guitar tracked live first, (“Rhonda Burgundy” Les Paul -> Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, just a lil bit of gain). Put in acoustic guitar for some earthiness texture (Martin D-18), then the vocals & backing vocals. Danny put the percussions on there after that. As for keys- it needed a real piano sound, so Tudore really went outside the box- they went to the WVU CAC & recorded on a big fancy piano there, nailing it with a fun, boppy take, sent that over to T$… and BAM! Everybody! 

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