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Rockin’ out to “the pilot”!

August 11, 2023

Here’s track #1, “The Pilot”: this one started off with a vague concept, about ‘what if’ there was a bitchin’ 70’s hard rock riff combined with a straight up 80’s funk-dance drum beat, originally titled “Quincy Jones + John Paul Jones”. Like imagine Ozzy or Robert Plant out in front of Sabbath or Zeppelin, dancing like Michael Jackson (?!)

This was one of the 1st songs that I introduced to the band, Vashon Lee Page immediately got what I was getting at, Cor Win got locked in too. Lyrically it’s about the adventures of a crazy airplane pilot, flying thru the night. Also the title references the debut or 1st episode of a TV show- like “here’s what this is about, check it out!”
As for the recording, at Riot City Studio, with T$ Tommy Bailey, in Dec. 2022, this one was straightforward, we had it down going in, arrangement & all. We tracked live with guitar, bass & drums. Just 2 takes, we ended up using the 2nd one. Then I did vocals, with some “ooh-ahh” backing vocals on the bridge section. Next was some acoustic guitar to add texture, kind of complement or round out the electric guitar parts. After that Danny added congas, and I put in some tambourine & cowbell on the choruses. Finally, Tudore added his keyboard parts, meticulously put together- this was tricky, cause it used clavinet, organ, AND electric piano. Tommy did an excellent job mixing all this, which served as kind of a template for what’s to come. And there you have it. Now you know. Fly on.

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