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Classic Rock Reimagined With Power Forward’s Self-Titled Album

July 25, 2023

by Jim Antonini

Power Forward, the new rock ‘n roll outfit fronted by guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and walking music encyclopedia Andrew Tuck, has released its self-titled, first full-length collection of original music.

With Tuck behind the wheel of a rebuilt musical engine, the album is a funked-up, full-on ‘celebration of summer’ joyride. The retro sound is fresh but recognizable, like you’ve heard these catchy tunes a million times before. After one listen all the way through, it was 1978 again. And in the best way, when classic rock ruled the radio airwaves, and your car stereo was more important than the car you drove.

It is an eleven-song, cross-country drive with strong hints from Tuck’s large catalogue of musical influences. Southern rock and blues can be heard in two of my favorite tunes, Blue Tooth and Dance Real Slow. Constrictor sounds like it should be the theme song for a low-fi detective television show set in the 1970’s. Zappa and/or Captain Beefheart must have been in the control room for the recording of Element.

Everybody, my favorite song of the collection, is a rollicking and fun number reminiscent of the upbeat sound of early Peter Wolfe and J. Geils Band with sweet backing vocals included. Tuck has assembled a fine group of musicians in this latest endeavor, including Vashon Page on drums, Tudore at the keyboard, Corwin Hoban on bass, and Danny Davis with percussion.

Buy this album! Open the windows! Turn up the volume! POWER ON! AND, POWER FORWARD!

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