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June 20, 2023

Now available! “Power Forward” by Power Forward album is out now! Recorded from December 22, 20222 to April 23, 2023 with Tommy Bailey at Riot City Studio, Morgantown, West Virginia. Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Deezer. Physical artifacts (CDs?!) are in the process… Yes, YOU. You will funk with us!

Back stories or meanings to each single:
The Pilot: a “what-if” scenario with a heavy Led Zeppelin type riff with danceable Quincy Jones type beats.

Everybody: a straight-forward soul-rock jam!
Element: a fusion type of sound with heavy British classic rock riffs and 70’s funk beat.
The Constrictor: an instrumental based on a simple 5 note riff that all came together with band’s individual inputs. Features some weird minor key guitar solos and hard hitting drums and bass ..also some spooky-jazzy horror movie keyboards, ha!

Blue Tooth: a blues rock workout and a commentary on modern technology and alienation.
Dance Real Slow: a soul-rock number with self-explanatory lyrics and a cool bass break.
Lost World: a funk jam boogie with a commentary on modern life struggles.

Hey Buddy: a country soul song about a guy who materializes randomly and then goes off again, until next time …
Can’t Stay: an uptempo soul boogie about not wanting to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.
No One Here: Alternative rock; about messing up and then suffering through the lonesome consequences.
El Craviola: a Latin type party instrumental.


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