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The Tuck Files #1 – Introducing TuckMusic.com

June 8, 2023

Welcome to this new thing! http://www.tuckmusic.com has been a long time coming, and thanks to Al Bonner at Gene’s in Morgantown, WV, Jim Antonini, author, at Pump Fake Press, and shortstop at Chico’s Bail Bonds Men’s Softball for putting me in touch with John
Kostak with Web Development USA, who is doing these unfathomable technological things for me. It is here! This is it! On this website you will find pretty much everything I do, musically, and otherwise.

So what do I do, you may ask? I play guitar, sing, write & perform songs. I do these things in the following bands:

1. Power Forward. Funk/Soul/Rock.
2. 18 Strings. Acoustic/Folk/Country/Americana.
3. The Greens. Rock.
4. King Tuck, Classic Rock (cover-type band)
5. Solo stuff.

The links to these bands are found here. Some of the stuff on our older websites is a bit out-dated, but THIS, on the other hand, is NEW & EXCITING and things are happening here! So what things are happening here, you may ask? Most importantly, there are 3
separate New Musical Projects that will be made available here ASAP:

1. Power Forward, debut album, recorded with Tommy “T$” Bailey at Riot City in Westover,
WV, from December 2022 through April 2023.
2. 18 Strings new album, title TBA, recorded with Mark Poole at Zone 8 Studio, Granville,
WV, from The Covid Times, through May 2023.
3. Andrew Tuck (solo album), “Reality Show”, also recorded with Mark Poole at Zone 8,
from The Covid Times through May 2023.

In future posts of The Tuck Files, I will go more in depth on many things, and YOU can help me with that. I want this thing to be very interactive and neat. But for now I just wanted to introduce you to this new fun thing I’m doing! So, welcome and stay tuned!

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